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AAP, April 10, 2012, 1:27AM

VICTORIA'S worst serial killer, Paul Steven Haigh, has penned a jailhouse manuscript in which he attempts to blame some of his victims for their own deaths.

The seven-time murderer, who is seeking a minimum parole for his crimes, writes that he is not "endlessly flagellating myself with memories of murder or anything else''.

His book, titled The House of the Blue Light, contains a harrowing account of how he killed two of his victims, Sheryle Gardner and her son, Danny Mitchell, 9, in 1979.

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8:29 AM on 03/28/2012

Now, it has emerged that at least one Sanford police officer may not have believed Zimmerman's story: the lead homicide investigator Chris Serino, who was reportedly overruled on making an arrest by the state attorney, Norman Wolfinger, or his office.
Indeed, there are several potential problems with Zimmerman's account.
1. Nowhere to hide
The path from 1111 Retreat View Circle, the clubhouse inside the gated Retreat at Twin Lakes townhome complex, where Zimmerman told police he first spotted a suspicious person, to the backyard walkway where Trayvon died, has no hiding places.


Read the article at thegrio.com

What was more ridiculous than the presence of C.N.I. (Cable News Investigations), was the absence of proper police work, the fact that George Zimmerman was not tested for drugs on the night he shot a teenage boy carrying skittles and arizona iced tea.

I'm horrified that an unarmed youth could be stalked by a man in a van who was twice his weight with no proportional reason, made to fear for his life, shot in the chest, and straddled with his face down as he laid dying. I'm outraged that the man who did it could get away with a slap on the wrist from the police, who have deemed that the shooting of an unarmed youth was not even worthy of a trial!

The police treatment of Trayvon Martin, just taking George Zimmerman's word, reminds me of the tragic fate of another young victim, 14-yr-old Konerak Sinthasomphone.

Trigger Warning: Sexual assault and murder of a minor, lethal racism and shoddy police work

Konerak, bleeding, naked, and drugged, almost escapes Jeffrey Dahmer, two black women, Sandra Smith, 18, and her cousin Nicole Childress, also 18, witnessed his distress and called the police.

The police believed Dahmer's word that Konerak was his 19-yr-old boyfriend, against the protests of the women, they handed the kid off back to Dahmer, and when they were alone again the betrayed child was then strangled:

The two girls who the police ignored went back home to Sandra Smith's mother, Glenda Cleveland, 36, the woman who lived next to the Oxford Apartments which Jeffrey Dahmer called home. Later, Cleveland called up the officers to find out what happened to the Asian boy. She asked how old the child was. "It wasn't a child. It was an adult," the officer said.

The words of the white and male Jeffrey Dahmer was given more weight than the presence of a terrified, bleeding, and nude youth, and the expressed concerns of two other witnesses, who were both black and female. As a consequence of that judgement, 14-yr-old Konerak was dead, Dahmer killed him and the police failed to save him. The police cared so little for the welfare of Konerak and the concerns of Dahmer's neighbours that they refused to follow-up on it - allowing Dahmer to kill more.

ETA: Oh look: 'Jekyll and Hyde temper' cost Zimmerman his security guard job

...from the observation of FBI Profiler John Douglas, a lot of serial killers are police buffs who tried to get in, failed, and ended up as security guards...and prior to the first killing, they would have had a major stressor such as lost of job or lost of GF/wife...
Carolyn Edgar, Special to CNN:

You are a 17-year-old boy in Sanford, Florida. You are visiting your father and his fiancée at your soon-to-be stepmother’s home in a gated community. You decide to make a late-night candy run to your local 7-Eleven. It’s nighttime and drizzling, so you are wearing a hooded sweatshirt. At the store, you buy a package of Skittles and an Arizona Iced Tea, then head back home.

As you are walking home, you notice a man in an SUV following you. The man gets out of the car. He’s a big guy who outweighs you by 100 pounds. He doesn’t identify himself as a police officer – in fact, you don’t know who he is. What should you do next?

...and please enlighten a Canuck here: when Florida redefined the scopes of self-defence with the Stand Your Ground legislation, does that not simply mean that people could use it as a defence, in a court of law, not that the police doesn't have to arrest George Zimmerman?

This case makes me so angry, because I could just imagine how afraid Trayvon was before he died, he expresses concern to his GF on the phone, a meaty creepy looking man was following him in a van, he must have been so terrified that he was going to get kidnapped.

ETA: When a child dies, it is unfair because the child had so few years. The death of a child is a constant, lasting lost - the killing of a child is a grievous robbery of the future, from all of us:

Martin dreamed of becoming a pilot. He had flown on school vacations to various places around the country with his mother, skiing in Colorado one year, going off to Texas another.

"There's no little black kids that want to be pilots," Horton joked with him when he was about 13.

"Well, I'll be the first one," the teen replied.

- Trayvon Martin's friends say he never picked a fight
1:40 AM, Sep. 25, 2011


First of a two part series

David Widlak hoped he had found an angel to help save his struggling bank.

First thing that Tuesday morning, a New Jersey mortgage executive was set to pitch a deal to the board of Community Central Bank in Mt. Clemens that just might help pull Widlak's deeply troubled institution into the black.

Then the following day, Widlak had time set aside with a retired FBI agent to discuss his concerns about some guys he had encountered as he searched metro Detroit and the country for investors.

He also was thinking about a community-focused advisory panel with a possible role for Edsel Ford II, who had dropped by the office a couple of days earlier.

It appeared that Widlak had the solution to his business problem all mapped out with time left over on a Sunday afternoon a year ago to work on arrangements for his family's annual Caribbean getaway -- just the planning you'd expect from a savvy guy who went from Detroit's bungalow belt to banking board rooms and blue-book Grosse Pointe society.

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The Washington Post publishes a 35,000-word manifesto written by the Unabomber, who since the late 1970s had eluded authorities while carrying out a series of bombings across the United States that killed 3 people and injured another 23. After reading the manifesto, David Kaczynski realized the writing style was similar to that of his brother, Theodore Kaczynski, and notified the F.B.I. On April 3, 1996, Ted Kaczynski was arrested at his isolated cabin near Lincoln, Montana, where investigators found evidence linking him to the Unabomber crimes.

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By Finn J.D. John
Special to the News-Register

A 10-mule freight team passing through downtown Lakeview in 1900. This is the town in which Ray Jackson served briefly as superintendent of the Lake County School District, eight years after this photo was taken. -- UO Libraries/Wasco County Pioneer Association

The morning after he'd gotten in a big fistfight with one of his students, the grade-school teacher walked nonchalantly into the classroom and laid his .45-caliber Colt revolver on the desk.

Would anyone like to continue yesterday's scrap, he asked?

No one spoke up.

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By Daily Mail Reporter

Last updated at 11:18 AM on 13th September 2011

Suspect: Caius Veiovis, 31, faces murder and kidnapping charges in the deaths of three men

This is the terrifying mugshot of a blood-drinking Satan worshipper charged with the kidnap and murder of three Hells Angels.

Caius Veiovis, 31, has undergone extensive implants to create horns on his head and had the number of the devil - 666 - tattooed on his forehead.

He is alleged to have been part of a gang which kidnapped, killed and buried the men in Massachusetts, U.S.

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By TODD LESKANIC | The Tampa Tribune
Published: September 09, 2011
Updated: September 09, 2011 - 4:29 PM

Gregory Greco was something of a free spirit and world traveler.

He graduated from the University of Wisconsin and earned a master's degree from the University of Montpellier in France. In 1984, the 33-year-old moved from his home in Wisconsin to the Tampa Bay area.

He got an apartment in the Lakes of Northdale community in Tampa and began working for the Tampa Cigar Co. In August 1987, Greco packed his belongings into his car and drove it to his father's seasonal home in Port Richey.

He left a note that simply said, "I'll be in touch."

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3:14 PM, Aug. 28, 2011

Written by Mike Donoghue, Free Press Staff Writer

Victoria Scripps-Carmody's 2008 CVU High School graduation photo. / EMILY McMANAMY, Free Press

When Victoria Scripps-Carmody was 3 years old, the newspaper family heiress witnessed her father kill her mother with a claw hammer as she slept in their Bronxville, N.Y., mansion on New Year’s Eve 1993.

Her father drove his BMW to the Tappan Zee Bridge and took his own life by jumping off into the icy water of the Hudson River. The case generated enormous headlines in the New York City media.

The orphaned child was soon adopted by family members in Charlotte with the hope of a new life out of the glare of notoriety.

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AUGUST 24, 2011, 4:12 P.M. ET

Associated Press

EAST FARMINGDALE, N.Y. — A year ago, thieves broke into a mausoleum and stole the remains of Mattia Filipazzo, an Italian immigrant who died in 1998. Despite a $30,000 reward, there have been no arrests, nor any clue as to what happened to her corpse.

"The family is frustrated," said Vincent Longo, one of 21 grandchildren of the Valley Stream seamstress who died at the age of 88. "We are hoping for a positive outcome, but we are resigned to the fact that we probably will never get her remains back."

The family recently increased the reward from $30,000 to $70,000, Longo said, in hopes that someone with information about the case will respond.

It turns out the Filipazzo family is not alone.

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