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ontd_crime's Journal

ONTD: Crime
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ontd_crime is an spin off devoted to discussing criminal and legal matters.


Last Updated: 01.04.10

Here are the rules for ontd_political. The same rules apply here. We understand posts might turn into heated comment wars, but that is why the community exists.

The following actions will result in being BANNED:
- Harassment
- Trolling the community
- Trolling personal journals
- Deleting comments
- Screening comments

Any news that relates to crime or law, or the political ramifications thereof can be posted. Off topic posts will be rejected and redirected to ontd_political

Fascists, conservatives, moderates, progressives, liberals, communists, etc. are all welcome. You do not have to agree with everyone here.

Long articles need to be posted with an LJ cut. All articles must have a permanent source link. Posts with hotlinked pictures will be deleted by moderators. Posts with videos are allowed, but autoplaying videos are not allowed.

Advertisements for other communities are allowed as long as they involve law, politics, or debate.